Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's Day Luncheon with PawPaw

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Pawpaw went to JT's school for the grandparents' luncheon.... I am so jealous - just look at what a handsome little man he is!

He was THRILLED to see Pawpaw - he has been out on the road for a long time and JT was really glad to see him.

According to Pawpaw, he was quite a little gentleman. :-)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mountain Music

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Had a very nostalgic weekend of scanning photos from Mom's old album. Will have to get her to sit down with me so I can add notes etc. to the pics. This one for example, I have no idea who they are or where exactly the photo was taken.

The extended family has always had lots of musicians - some whose reputations are well know for hundreds of miles around home (in WV).

Will soon finish this album and be able to take it back to her and bring another one home to work on - she won't let me have more than one at a time, lol!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SCOCA's Curriculum Integration Blog

Shewww.... no time to blog here anymore. But I've been very busy with the SCOCA Curriculum Integration Blog. Also had the flu... or something like it! Arrrgh...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Farmer Gwen

Farmer Gwen
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Well, she turned 91 last week. She has given up any kind of garden, but still likes her potted plants on the porch.

I had taken her some crazy looking gourds last year at Halloween for a basket on the table. She saved them, cut them open and dried the seeds and planted a few in the flower containers on the porch this summer. They grew and grew and grew! They took over the glider, so now she is just letting them have the glider for the rest of the summer, lol. She had intended for them to climb the rot iron posts on the porch, but the gourds preferred the glider. She has harvested a couple already, and has a few more coming on.

She will always find a way to grow some kind of crop!

Barn Invasion

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This is what happens to the barn if we don't get down there for a month in the summer to keep up with the mowing, weed eating and applying RoundUp....

We don't know what this vine is, but it has been impossible to kill it. It looks like a squash or melon vine, but it never blooms or produces any fruit. It was there when we bought the farm, and we just can't seem to stop it!

It is kinda pretty, but sure looks like we have neglected the place! Will get it carved back this weekend. :-)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Big shoes to fill

Big shoe
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I am taking Melissa Higgs-Horwell's position at SCOCA. As of Friday she has officially retired. I am thrilled to have this opportunity - but apprehensive at the same time because Melissa has been such a driving force in education in general and specifically with video conferencing in the South Region. She has been the heart and soul of IVC for the past 8+ years. She knows everyone, and people all over the state know and admire her.

They are indeed "Big shoes to fill," but I welcome the opportunity to give it my best shot. I hope people will understand that I can't be Melissa, but I will work very hard to keep the projects and initiatives she has developed growing and prospering. I'm sure she feels like she has left her "baby" in my care and I hope not to disappoint her. :-)

My hope is for Melissa to really enjoy life - she has earned it. I also hope that "enjoying life" will mean that she continues to contribute to the education world and that we will have the opportunity to work together again - soon! I miss her already.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Down the "Country Music Highway"

I headed out on Friday to spend the weekend with my FEMA guy.... He was supposed to be in Louisville, so I was thinking shopping... But on Thursday, they sent him over to eastern Kentucky to Pikeville, so I headed down the Country Music Highway for the weekend. Shopping would not be the same in Pikeville, but it was a good weekend just the same.

On the way down, I passed through Ashland and Catlettsburg. The Marathon Refinery at Catlettsburg on the Ohio River is pretty impressive. My Mom and Dad were married in Catlettsburg in 1939. Then I passed the big AEP Power Plant (Kentucky Power) as I headed south along the Big Sandy River enroute to Pikeville. It's pretty incredible how much energy flows out of Appalachia via the electric and refineries and railways loaded with coal. You'd think that the local people would reap more rewards than they do for supplying so much of the energy used in the eastern US.

I passed through Prestonsburg, and saw the signs to the Jenny Wiley State Park, but didn't have time to stop there. Maybe next trip...

As I got into Pikeville, I was amazed by the Cut-Through. In the 1970's, the Army Core of Engineers re-routed the river, the railroad and the highway by cutting through the mountain. All the way down Route 23 (which is a nice 4 lane), there had been lots of cuts into the mountains, but this one at Pikeville was the most incredible.

I spent some time at the pool and soaked up some sun on Saturday. We had dinner at the Landmark Inn Saturday evening. Dinner was excellent and the atmosphere was a little 1950ish... Quite charming. We also had a couple of meals at El Azul Grande too, their food was great too. Maybe I am just tired of my own cooking at this point though. :-)

On Sunday, we went over the see The Breaks Interstate Park and did a little hiking... We hiked the Overlook Trail - it was too hot for a lot of strenuous up hill stuff! It was beautiful and we were lucky because there were still some rhododendron and mountain laurel in bloom.

On the way home, I noticed that KY's deer crossing signs looked like they had HUGE deer down there... LOL, when I checked on it when I got home, low and behold it was an ELK Crossing sign!